Stereo Madness Complete (100%)
Game Geometry Dash, Video 1
Air Date Jun 19, 2014 [3PM]
Link Stereo Madness Complete (100%)
Everyplay: Level 1 no coins complete!
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Back on Track Complete (100%)
This is the first video created for Geometry Dash. It has 0 likes and dislikes, and 30+ views. the video length is 1 minute and 31 seconds.


I am recording a series of this game. I beat this on Attempt 1. Will be recording the others soon. SO FUN AND GREAT MUSIC THOUGH!

What Happened?Edit

Alxei200 beats Stereo Madness on his first attempt. His icon is two shades of blue.


Welcome to my Playthrough/Walkthrough of Geometry Dash. I will tell you about certain parts of each level. This is the first level of the game, Stereo Madness. This video doesn't include me getting any of the coins, but i will tell you where they are located. Anyways, The beginning of this level is pretty straight-forward, just some basic tapping to jump. Nothing too difficult. And... The music becomes much more upbeat, and the new mode called the ship appears! It's a very basic ship area, so don't worry. We go back to the original Block mode, and the first coin is located under the path you would normally take. It's not a hard coin to get. The background turns red and the level becomes way harder than normal. Nothing impossible, but definitely the hardest part of the level. The second coin this time is above the normal path. Another pretty easy coin to obtain. And we return to the ship mode for the end of the level. Pretty easy. The third coin is in a second route. The annotation points to it. It's harder than the other coins. And with that, that is the end of the first level! Tune in next for the second level, Back on Track.


  • The original name for this video on Everyplay is called "Level 1 no coins complete!"