Jumper Complete (100%)
Game Geometry Dash, Video 7
Air Date Jun 27, 2014 [6PM]
Link Jumper Complete (100%)
Everyplay: Yes!?!?$?!
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Can't Let Go COMPLETE (100%)
Time Machine COMPLETE! (100%) FINALLY!
This is the seventh video created for Geometry Dash. It has 1+ like and 0 dislikes, and 20+ views. the video length is 1 minute and 31 seconds.


Easier than Can't Let Go to me.

What Happened?Edit

Alxei200 beats the seventh level, Jumper. Made a whole week later than Can't Let Go. Seems like he forgot about the game/series for a little bit. Took him less attempts than Dry Out, but more than Base After Base. His second color changed from red to orange.