Back on Track Complete (100%)
Game Geometry Dash, Video 2
Air Date Jun 19, 2014 [4PM]
Link Back on Track Complete (100%)
Everyplay: Geometry Dash - Level 2 (1 Coin) and How
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Stereo Madness Complete (100%)
Polargeist Complete (100%)
This is the second video created for Geometry Dash. It has 0 likes and dislikes, and 10+ views. the video length is 1 minute and 25 seconds.


Attempt 1 biches! SO GOOD!

What Happened?Edit

Alxei200 beats the second level, Back on Track, on his first attempt again. His icon is still two shades of blue. Stereo Madness and Back on Track were beaten by Alxei200 one hour apart.


  • The first time Alxei200 tried to upload this video, it failed, so he had to record it again. The original name was "Geometry Dash - Level 2 (1 Coin)
  • The second time he tried to upload it the name was simply "How".